Integrated Wealth

Integrated Wealth Management is an integrated, comprehensive approach to asset management and wealth planning that considers them to be fundamentally intertwined rather than disconnected processes.

Asset management and financial planning cannot happen in silos…when it does, the hidden “tax” of excess expenses manifests itself. Consider:

  • Having an ILIT (Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust) with poorly selected policies can cost a $10M-$20M estate millions of dollars – sabotaging even the best investment returns.
  • A properly designed financial plan can in many ways be undermined by an asset management program that underperforms, is not tax efficient, and is not structured properly, among many other factors.

Integrated Wealth Management is the solution that comes from integrating performance across both disciplines to generate optimal, client-specific outcomes.

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Fiduciary Responsiblity

“As a Registered Investment Advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission, we are required to act as a fiduciary for our clients.”

This responsibility is not simply something that is a part of some regulation that we must follow. It is core to how we manage our firm and approach our work every day. We are not successful unless our clients are successful.

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