The Value in Effective Planning

The chart below illustrates an actual example of how poor planning can cost clients millions of dollars.

Future Value of Savings Resulting from SRS Recommendations
at Various Interest Rates

Value of SRS recommendation to fix client ILIT.
  • Our client had an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT) with a variety of policies and policy types included.
  • The largest policy was a Whole Life policy which cost nearly $250K/year in premiums that was hugely inefficient and inappropriate for the ILIT.
  • Detailed analysis showed that the only scenario where the current strategy could provide value was an implausible one where the client earns a 0% for 30 straight years.
  • By implementing our recommendation to restructure the policies in the ILIT, the savings to the client and the client’s estate are likely to worth millions of dollars.
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