SRS Capital Advisors provides comprehensive asset and portfolio management services for our clients.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is grounded in several core principles:

  • A long-term, customized approach balanced against intermediate term risks and opportunities is superior for most individual clients.
  • A pure “buy and hold” strategy, however, is no longer sufficient to deal with today’s world of globalization and exponentially expanding technology.
  • Superior performance can be achieved through active management of asset allocation that balances flexibility with an overall long-term outlook.
  • Custom portfolios with minimized costs generate the optimal outcomes for investors:
    • Only layer in additional cost in asset classes where managers add incremental value; otherwise focus on diversification and low-cost indexing.
    • Tax efficiency is critical as management and transaction fees are not the only costs that can sabotage long term results.
    • Provide clients with full transparency into what they own.

Our goal is to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns for our clients in all market conditions.

We build customized portfolios for our clients by truly understanding the various dimensions and complexities of the investment world and integrating them strategically for our clients.

The Golden Triangle in Pittsburgh, formed by the merger of the Allegany River and the Monongahela River into 
								the mighty Ohio River, harbors opportunity with substantial economic influence.


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