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All aspects of our investment process and tools are built on a foundation of deep analytics and have been developed in an effort to generate superior long term returns through active management of asset management and manager selection.

We strongly believe that there are no “right” answers in this industry and as a result we cannot allow ourselves to become closed minded in our approach to investing. We have to take all of the inputs available to us and consistently strive to make the best possible decisions we can for our clients in all market environments.

The core of our investment process is built on a valuation-based approach supplemented with a variety of tactical management tools and decisions. These tools include:

  • Fundamental and Technical Analysis – building an empirical foundation based on company fundamentals as well as technical indicators that are the driver behind Monument, our proprietary equity trading strategy.
  • Risk Analysis and Assessment – ongoing analysis and monitoring of all of the securities in our portfolio and the risk associated with them individually and as a whole across the portfolio.
  • Security Selection Process – a combination of passive indexing and active management with only top performing managers who have undergone our due diligence process to maximize diversification and generate enhanced risk adjusted returns.
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